SafeSide Visit

As part of the PHSE curriculum a number of key stage 3 students were taken to SafeSide in Birmingham. SafeSide is an interactive venue run by West Midlands Fire Service that links to the curriculum via the personal safety and travel training modules.

It includes a full sized street scene with a…

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Space Centre Review

Space Centre Review by Griffin Class member Josh “We went to the National Space Centre and learnt about the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Jupiter is the fourth planet from the sun and it’s the biggest. Uranus is the coldest planet. We found out about…

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Brades Lodge - Tackling Crime

Brades Lodge students made a film that aims to deter young people from leading a life of crime. School unveiled their 50-minute flick, called 'Red Gang, Life after Crime' at Cineworld Wolverhampton last month. It follows the fictional life of a young gang member who ends up being murdered, and the…

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Soap Box Derby

A fantastic day out was hosted by the The Brades Lodge school who invited other SEBD/ SEMH schools from across the country to take part in a ‘Soap Box Challenge’. 

After a thorough safety check the teams nominated their drivers and were push  started down the twisting hill course. To the…

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