In residence we offer a 24 hour curriculum that adds fun, along with a variety of activities and opportunities to enhance the learning experience of our children.
Our purpose is to provide a well-managed and structured facility to meet the social, emotional, cultural and moral needs of students who access our onsite provision.  We want the children to develop independence, confidence and achieve individual goals, thus impacting on their academic achievements.
We do this by providing a safe, secure, stimulating environment where our students can develop, grow and have the opportunity to experience a vast array of activities which challenge and encourage their personal development.  We have a strong partnership with school, external agencies and the community. 
Children are encouraged to develop positive relationships with staff and hopefully with each other in order to provide emotional building blocks for personal and social development.  We believe it is important that students become self-motivated and are able to listen to the views of others.  
While in residence students' wishes are sought through the nomination of a keyworker who works closely with them during their time in residence.  The key workers communicate successes, progress made and achievements with Parents/Carers and school. Key workers also complete reports, set targets and help students to achieve their goals.  
Children board from Monday to Thursday during term time only.
Denise Hart

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