Shenstone Lodge School will be an outstanding school and the best in the West Midlands, providing quality education and care for young people who have Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs.

Our young people will have the opportunity to develop & reach their potential and to experience an exciting, personalised, innovative and relevant curriculum.

The school team will achieve this by :

  • Enabling the young people to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment in a fast changing world

  • Enabling our young people to be literate, numerate and to use technology effectively

  • Promoting British Values, respect for themselves, respect for other people, the school and the wider community

  • Motivating our young people to be proud, ambitious and to achieve

  • Working effectively with parents, carers and other stakeholders


Vision: A school that everyone is proud of, offering an environment that allows young people to take risks and be brave with their learning.
Mission: Provide every child with the opportunity to experience an outstanding education academically, emotionally and socially; one that raises aspirations, expectations and educational achievements.
To identify barriers to learning and effectively promote mental health, wellbeing and positive relationships amongst parents, carers, professionals and other organisations.
Enabling children to develop and reach their true potential.   
Values: Safe, Happy, Learning

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