These are young people who attend Yawenta Children’s Centre in Shashamane, Ethiopia. The centre currently provides nutritional, medical, educational and psychological support to 120 orphans and/or extremely vulnerable children, the majority of them (60%) being infected with HIV/AIDS. 

Last year The Brades Lodge premiered our film ‘Red Gang-Life After Crime’ at Cineworld, Bentley Bridge. Donations were made by many of those attending and all proceeds went to the ‘Yawenta Children’s Centre’. The money we raised was gratefully received and has provided invaluable support. We are pleased to be linked to this project and to be able to help provide support to others far less fortunate than ourselves.

We are aiming to continue this with our next venture which will be in January where we will be premiering ‘Voices in My Head’ (working title) again at Cineworld, Bentley Bridge. We will once again be accepting donations which will be sent to the Yawenta Children’s Centre.

Further details will be sent out in due course and donations for the Children’s Centre can be sent into school at any time. Any money they receive will dramatically change lives. Every penny counts and will go directly to supporting the children’s educational placements, books and stationary but more importantly helping to provide HIV treatment to these vulnerable individuals.

Many thanks, we appreciate any support you can give.