Adventure Farm

What a beautiful evening to head to the Adventure Farm for the end of half term trip. All the recently born farm animals were about, including these adorable sleeping piglets!

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Art Appreciation

This week we nipped to the Custard Factory and the surrounding areas of Digbeth to explore the vast amount of street art covering the buildings. The pupils were blown away by the size, colour, and detail of the pieces inspiring then to ‘think big’ with their own art work. 

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Leading Parent Partnership Award | AwardPlace

Shenstone Lodge School is applying for this award. The Leading Parent Partnership Award gives schools a coherent framework to deliver effective parental engagement from early years to post-16.. Through this award, schools can meet a number of longer term success criteria, such as improved pupil…

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Hello deer!

The wild deer were a pleasant surprise in Chasewater today!

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Happy Holidays

What a fantastic end to a term! This week we've been outside in the sunny (but deceptively nippy) weather, exploring Cannock Chase, playing in the park and treating ourselves to a cheeky dessert in Lichfield. We hope you have a lovely break. See you in a couple of weeks! The Res Team…

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Nature Walk

The highlight of this week was exploring Shenstone's nature trail. Along the way, pupil's were asked to find wooden animals created by local villagers, and under take small challenges such as climbing trees and paddling in the stream. The water was a bit chilly! 

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Goodbye and Good luck!

This week we said 'goodbye and good luck' to a long standing member of our residential and school community, Kyle! We celebrated with a meal of his choice (cheese burgers, chicken wings, chips - and a bit of salad!) and popped off to cubs for the last time. We've supported Kyle for a number of…

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Sunny days

When the sun is out like it has been this week, there is only one place to be if there isn't a beach nearby..........the skatepark! Alternative sports such as skateboarding or bmx riding promote an awareness of risk and self motivation. Falling over is inevitable, but the reward is very high when…

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Outstanding Ofsted - Residential Care

The Residential Inspection is now over and if you haven’t picked it up already we have been graded  ‘OUTSTANDING IN ALL AREAS’

  • overall experiences and progress of children and young people
  • how well children and young people are helped and protected
  • the effectiveness of leaders and…
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Holistic Approach To Happiness

Choosing books at the library, getting dunked at the swimming pool and socialising at the soft play centre have been the venues of the week. It's been fantastic to see the minds, body and souls of our pupils kept happy through literature, exercise and play. 

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Snow Day!

It's been a creative week this week; from developing paint brush skills, DIY jigsaws to to finger drawing in the snow. Allowing the space for creativity has many benefits to improving attainment in the classroom...amongst these: self-expression, positive thinking, improved focus and fun top the…

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Healthy Eating

An important part of child development is eating a healthy meal; it helps with concentration in the classroom and energy for play. This week the kids have explored the difference between healthy food and treat food. By making their own pizza, the pupils noticed the difference between a shop made…

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