Did You Know?

According to a You Gov statics report (January 2020), when parents were asked about online gaming...
➢ 50% of Parents said that they were worried about their child’s internet use
➢ However, only 20% of parents engaged with their children in games online

But, what does this mean…?
…. let’s get engaging! As parents, it’s important to be present with what your children are doing online to keep up to date - the online world changes very quickly!
The tips in this guidance will help you to safeguard your child online.

The Aims of this document are to:

Increase your awareness of child online safety by:
➢ Identifying the issues children encounter online.
➢ Identify ways to keep your child safe online.
➢ Recognise the online risks and what they could lead to.
➢ Be aware of how to manage online issues and risks.
➢ Know where you can access information and support.

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