Bedtime Stories

Mark Smith reads The was an Old Lady

Mark Smith reads The Yoga Ogre

Mark Smith reads Room on the Broom

Mark Smith reads Green Eggs and Ham

Key Worker Activities

Week Commencing 1st June

Hi Shenstone Lodge hope you are well. Are you missing school yet? Have you forgotten what the classrooms look like or the smell coming from the kitchen. I'm sure you haven't so I'm setting you a challenge to complete my scavenger hunt and remember the school and items that can be found within it. You must find one item for each letter and you can send your completed lists to me for fun.

You could also start your own scavenger hunt lists and challenge your family and see who comes up with the best items from around the home or maybe things found outside in your streets and gardens. Most importantly have fun with it and be creative. 

Best wishes and see you soon


Letter Item
D Desk
P Pencil


Week Commencing 25th May

Hi Everybody keep strong keep safe and keep spreading joy and happiness in your communities. Try painting stones and leaving them by your front doors or in public places for others to see. Words of hope and happiness or just pictures to make someone else smile. Send your efforts and designs to for us to see too. Best Wishes Stuart.


Week Commencing 4th May

Hi Shenstone Lodge, 

In this message I've come up with an idea to help you all stay focused on your reading and spelling practice whilst having some fun with it at home. The idea is to use items found around your homes to spell out words one letter at a time. You could try leaving a message for someone else to work out or just practice spelling words set by your teacher. An example would be the word FROG. For this you would need four items, one for each letter, something like a Feather for F a Rock for R an Orange for O and a Grape for G. 

Get the idea? It's fun but learning at the same time so win win! 


I've had a go myself and left you a message in the new secret spelling code, can you work it out?? Send me your messages to


Best Wishes 


Week Commencing 27th April

Emma Yardley has some ideas that you might find fun:

Things to do – Films and pizza

Being in a lot can give us all chance to… eat pizza and watch films?!

What films have you been watching? 

Do you recommend any films for your friends at Shenstone to watch? (U or PG only).

Let us know via J



Things to do – Learn a new language

Bonjour! J

One thing you could do with your time is learn a new language!  Some of you will have already learned some French or Spanish, why not come back to school with loads more words that you’ve learnt?  Even better, when we are all finally allowed to travel again, if you go to somewhere like France, you’ll be able to show off your speaking skills J (and order chocolate and food that you like, you might not want to end up ordering snails!...).

There is a really cool app called Duolingo which you may be able to download on a device (with an adult’s permission) or use on a computer  Click on the owl below-  

Duolingo - The world's best way to learn a language

Also, Twinkl is a website which has loads of things to learn and you can print off pages to cut and colour, this is the link to the website:

(If you haven’t got a printer at home, maybe let your key-worker know what you need printing and we’ll see what we can do..)




Stuart Hunt Plays a memory game




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