VE day

It's VE day this Friday and it's in it's 75th year!


VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe. 


How will you be celebrating? 

will you bake a cake? will you draw a world war plane?…

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May the 4th be with you

Happy star wars day


How will you be spending your day? Will you be a Jedi or turn to the dark side?

Bake, colour and draw your best star wars characters 


Send us in pictures of you enjoying your day

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Happy St George's Day

Happy St George's Day,

St George was a patron saint of England and we celebrate the anniversary of his death every year, which is today!

According to legend, he killed a dragon and saved a princess

Lets see who can draw the best dragon! send in those pics


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Happy Easter

Hope you've all had a great Easter weekend, and had lots of Easter treats and surprises.

Remember, wash your hands and stay safe

all the best from the staff at Shenstone Lodge

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Sport Relief

Its always good to try new sports and what better time than sport relief. This week we tried baseball and it went down really well, the children loved it.

Soon we'll be hitting those home runs!

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We had a fantastic bowling session this evening with all pupils showing great effort, sportsmanship and enjoyment in the game. 

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Xtreme Sk8 Time

The pupils enjoyed an evening session at the local skatepark in Tamworth. It was clear to see the excitement on their faces and confidence grow as they scooted around the park. 

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The Baggies!

A fun trip to The Hawthorns at the request of the pupils...we even bagged an unexpected entry to the stand to have a nosey at the pitch. 

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Happy Chinese New Year 2020

Now perhaps a yearly trip to Wing Yip, the Chinese supermarket in Birmingham to explore the wonderful and often very bizarre foods on offer...all in the name of Chinese New Year. Once back at school, we taste tested some sweets, noodles, and other goodies as well as having a go at sketching some…

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Soft play!

A new week and a new soft play experience. All pupils massively enjoyed buzzing round the centre, in particular dropping down the huge slides and bouncing on the airbag!

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Snow Play!

What a crackin' night at the SnowDome playing in the snowplay area. The pupils loved whizzing down on a tube and playing in the snow. 

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Ice Skating

Another wintery activity that had us all jelly-legged and skidding around like Bambi. However,a massive well done to all pupils who pushed themselves physically and mentally to make it around the rink.  

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